Q: My computer does not recognize the NANO as a USB mass storage device?
A: Make sure that that NANO is turned off before connecting to computer.

Q: I can't read nano on my notebook.
A: Change power management scheme on your notebook, or connect notebook to power supply. Try with another USB cable.

Q: When I connect NANO to my notebook, message "USB device connected" would appear, disappear, appear, etc. from the laptop screen.
A: Change power management scheme on your notebook, or connect notebook to power supply.Try with another USB cable.

Q: Can I open files from NANO on MAC computer?
A: Yes. 

Q: I run Ubuntu on my laptop so cannot run NanoConfig.exe.
A: NanoConfig is Windows application, that runs only on windows operating system.

Q: Can I declare task with OUDIE?
A: Yes, declaration can be done via serial cable or over BlueTooth

Q: My NANO will not turn off or function. It is displaying from left to right: no light, green light, green light, no light, red light. How can I fix this?
A: That combination of LED's  appears only in case of SD card error.  That happens only if SD card is not inserted properly in socket. It's hard to eject SD card.  Now you must remove SD card and insert it back, then everything will be ok. To turn off NANO from described position the only way is to use the reset button with a paperclip or similar device.

Q: When I run nanoConfig, I'm getting errors.
A: Probably Microsoft Net Framework is not installed.

Q: I have previously used the NANO on several flight and it worked beautifully and gave some good detail
of the flights I made.
It seems to have developed a problem where it no longer obtains GPS data.
When I turned it on, the following lights were left illuminated on the NANO:

2nd Light from the left (GPS)
3rd Light from the left (Flight Recorder)
5th Light (Red) indicating a problem.

None of the lights are flashing - they are fixed solid.

I am now unable to turn the unit off also.
A: SD card is not inserted properly. Use paperclip to reset NANO.

Q: When I press the rocker button for a few seconds to power up the unit, sometimes it does not do anything.
A: You must push harder to turn on NANO.  The button is intentionally made like this in order to prevent accidental power ups.

Q: I did not figure out how to start recording by moving the rocker button, it shows battery charge and goes back to displaying the power+GPS leds. Am I doing something wrong ?
A: Recording can be started only if you moving faster than 40km/h, or vario is present. Rocker button function is only to check battery or event(short press)  or long press for switching off. 

Q: Bluetooth on my NANO does not work.
A: Please run nanoconfig and turn on Bluetooth under setting section.

Q: I can't upload declaration from OUDIE to NANO
A: Please read step by step instructions HERE

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