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New database for March 2017


- European, N.American, S.American Airspace
- Australian airports

Version 6

Version 6.0 is fully dedicated to Wi-fi connectivity, such as Weather integration, Task uploads/downloads and no more usage of SD/USB key for any kind of updates. Another important feature is supporting connectivity with 3rd parties, such as radios and transponders. For competition purposes we have done a lot of algorithm calculation improvements and most importantly, the AAT assistant with Isospeedlines based on complex calculating methods. The new version also has a small surprise for pilots. Terrain, Maps and airspaces are improved and more detailed and as usual, you can download them for FREE. There are also some user friendly improvements and minor bug fixes. Upgrade for free at firmware-request menu option.

Read more: Version 6

New Database for November 2016

New database has been released.

Updated are following airspaces:

  • Australia (AU,NZ)
  • Europe (DE, ESP,ET,FR,LV,PL,RO,PT)
  • North America (USA)
  • Africa (Namibia)
  • Russia


  • North America
  • Australia
  • Europe

Database can be downloaded here.

LXNAV team.

New firmware for Nano3

We are proud to announce new firmware for Nano3

New features are:

  • Final glide calculation
  • Wind calculation
  • MC, Ballast and Bugs setting
  • QNH setting
  • Safety altitude setting
  • Enhancement of Bluetooth communication
  • NavBox customization
  • Transfer of observation zones from Android App (NanoConfig)
  • Firmware update from Android App (NanoConfig)

Update is done automatically via NanoConfig program. 



New firmware for S10x and S8x

New firmware for S10, S100, S8 and S80 is available.

Here are the major changes from previous release:

- implemented flap sensor option
- AHRS licensing for repeater units
- added icing symbol
- fixed issue with displaying flarm net data
- managing with external targets from GPS or PDA
- implemented displaying of flarm warnings
- improved communication with Oudie
- minor bug fixes


LXNAV team.

New database for August 2016

New database for August is here: http://www.lxnav.com/download/databases.html 

Updated US and CH airspace.

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