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Updated manual for Lx8000 and LX8080

WE updated Lx8000 and LX8080  due to some hardware changes.
LX8000 and LX8080 have now PDA port on back side.
8000-2back  more...

LX8000 Italian manual v2.3

LX8000 Italian manual version 2.3 is now available for download.
You can download it here.

LX8000 version 2.3 released

I'm very pleased to annouce that new version of LX8000 has been released. New version includes support for ADS-B receiver TRX-1090 from Garrecht Avionik. When TRX-1090 is connected to LX8000, you will be able to see all traffic broadcasting ADS-B signal. To read more about details, how to connect LX8000 to TRX-1090 please refer to user manual.


Map redrawing has been speed-up in version 2.3 and also we have been working on ever better stabilty of program. We recommend all users to update their version of LX8000.

Have a nice day


Version 2.2 for LX 8000 released.

Version 2.2 for LX 8000 is released.
New firmware version is a result of continuous development of LX8000 software. Among some bug fixes and speed ups, there has been a lot of new functionality added. Most important is customization of navigational pages with LXStyler program. Update of Flarm firmware and obstacles is now much simpler with SD card. Final glide takes into account cross wind and suggest you minimum MacCready setting.

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