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LXStyler v2.8.1

We are very pleased to announce new version of LXStyler v2.8.1


  • updated default profile templates to match LX firmware v2.8
  • added Picture symbol for viewing images in CUPX files
  • added Side symbol for viewing terrain altitudes, airspaces in target direction
  • added new Team Data symbols for displaying teammate's vario, elevation etc.
  • improved user interface responsiveness
  • improved Plane symbol handling
  • other minor fixes

To use all of the new features you need to update your system to latest LXxxxx firmware v2.8.
As always - have a nice day,


LXStyler v2.5.3

We are very pleased to annouce new version of LXStyler v2.5.3


  • added profile importing
  • added profile conversion
  • added multiselection of symbols (you may select multiple symbols by holding Ctrl or Shift key and clicking on them; this also allows you to use Ctrl+C to copy them or to change properties to multiple symbols at the same time)
  • added symbol moving with arrow keys (you can now fine-tune the position of symbols using arrow keys)
  • added copy/paste functionality with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V (you may copy symbols or styles or both in one window and paste them in another)
  • adde units hiding in data symbols
  • (most of) navigation modes can now be completely disabled and rearranged
  • added new symbols: Altitude indicator, Airspeed indicator, FLARM radar
  • added support for editing  on smaller display resolutions
  • fixed adding multiple labels
  • fixed symbol sorting
  • other minor fixes

Please note that some of the new features (new symbols, hiding units, rearranging/disabling modes) require new version of LXxxxx firmware v2.5+ installed on a target device as well.

As always - have a nice day,

                                  Team LXNAV.

LX Styler v2.2

We released new LX Styler v2.2.


- added conversion from LX8000 to LX9000 profiles

- fixed navigation page rendering on main screen

- minor other bugfixes

LX Styler v2.1

We released new LX Styler v2.1.


- updated default profiles to match newly released LX9000 and added complete support for LX9000

- added copy/paste functionality for properties

- added copy/paste style functionality for navigation pages - you can easily apply custom style to every navigation page

- default profiles now don't overwrite current settings on LX devices

- some bugfixes

LX Styler v2.1

LX Styler v2.0

We released new LX Styler v2.0.

This version adds support for creating device profiles of forthcoming LX9000 (portrait and landscape modes). We also improved styling and fixed some minor bugs.

LX Styler v2.0

New version of LX Styler released

New version of LX Styler is released. This release is just a bug fix for windows 7 users, where LX Styler did not run. 

Download it here.

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